Community Outreach and Education 

The Louisiana Adolescent Pre-Diabetes Prevention Program 

The overarching goal of the Northeast Louisiana Regional Diabetes Prevention Collaborative Adolescent Initiative is to reduce the incidence of Type II Diabetes in communities in Rural Northeast Louisiana by increasing access to preventive health care services and promoting community awareness of the need to make lasting lifestyle changes that improve nutrition and increase physical activity. The program is funded through the Delta States Rural Development Network Grant.  The grant funds organizations in the eight Delta States: Louisiana, Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee, to address unmet local health care needs and prevalent health disparities through the development of new and innovative projects in rural Delta communities. Hospital District No.1-A of Richland Parish is the grantee for Louisiana Region A. Richland Parish Hospital in Delhi is partnering with LSU AgCenter...Read More

Northeast Louisiana Regional Alliance Diabetes Prevention Collaborative 

The Northeast Louisiana Regional Alliance Diabetes Prevention Collaborative program serves Richland, Morehouse & Union parishes and was created in efforts to steam what the Center for Disease Control predicts is a 120 percent increase in the number of diabetics over the next 35 years due to poor diet and inactivity.  Funded through a grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration, the program seeks to increase awareness of the causes of diabetes and promote early detection of the disease.  Early detection is the key from preventing people diagnosed as pre-diabetic from developing full-blown diabetes. The program serves primarily uninsured or underinsured individuals in Richland, Union, Morehouse parishes.  Identifying individuals...Read More