You Don't Have to Live with Chronic Abdominal Pain

Delhi Hospital's Gastroenterology Services are led by Dr. Raj Bhandari, who specializes in Digestive & Liver Diseases. 

Digestive Disease Management
Using state of the art equipment, we deliver high quality gastroenterology (GI) care to diagnose, treat, and manage digestive conditions such as:
-Irritable Bowl Syndrome
-Celiac Disease
-Crohn Disease

Liver Disease Management
Delhi Hospital is the first in the region to offer FibroScan: a noninvasive, diagnostic technique to diagnose liver diseases.  Liver conditions may include:
-Hepatitis B & C
-Fatty Liver
-Alcoholic Liver Disease
-Liver Cirrhosis
-Autoimmune Hepatitis
-Genetic Diseases

What is FibroScan?
FibroScan is a painless and reliable alternative to a liver biopsy. this non-invasive technique is used to measure liver scarring, or fibrosis, caused by a number of liver diseases. During the test, the technician presses a probe against the skin on the right side of the lower chest. You will feel a slight vibration on the skin when the probe is activated. This vibration measures the stiffness of the liver to assess liver disease.

What to Expect During a FibroScan:
1. Please do not eat or drink 3 hours before the exam
2. The entire FibroScan session takes about 15-20 minutes.
3. The test is painless. There is no needle and all you feel is a gentle vibration on your skin.

What Insurances Are Accepted?
Most insurances now cover a FibroScan examination, including Medicare & Medicaid. We also offer financial assistance options for those without insurance.

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